*NV LTD-01

Limited Edition 01 White Lightning
Manufacturer: Nick Varner

Limited Edition 01

Designed by Nick Varner

"White Lightning"

A Storm is Coming your Way....


Limited to 100 Cues

All cues are hand signed and numbered

All cues will come with 2 shafts

All cues will come with joint protectors

Each cue will come in a Limited Edition Case

Each cue will have a Certificate of Authenticity

Radial Pin, wood to wood joint




                                         Limited Edition I

           "White Lighting"

    Designed by Nick Varner

                                                    "A Storm is Coming your Way"


White Lighting is my first Limited Edition Collectible Cue. I attended the Brunswick Enrichment Conference in May and during the event Brunswick introduced a Limited Edition Collectible pool table called the Marquette to celebrate being in business for 160 years. It got me to thinking about a Limited Edition Collectible Cue. It was not the first time my thoughts turned to doing a Limited Edition. Off and on I have been thinking about doing a Collectible cue for over 20 years and the Brunswick Enrichment Conference turned out to be a call to action for me.

As soon as I got back home, I started working on the design. My first thought was I wanted a cue without an Irish linen wrap. I wanted to design a cue that had wood all the way from the joint to the butt cap. Making a decision on the wood and materials in the butt was next. Finally I decided on Ebony, charcoal gray stained birds eye maple with lots of white bone Ivory inlays. I have used white Moose Horn for the joint collar, butt cap and ring design. Hard to beat a black and white cue. I have always thought they look very expensive and elegant. Since the overwhelming look of the cue was black and white, my ring design of white Moose Horn with a silver ring set into black with a small black border next to each side of the moose horn in the middle tied the design together.

Instead of Irish linen, I am using an black handle. Above the handle are 5 ebony points and 5 Ebony points below the handle. The Ebony points both above and below the handle are topped off with a triangular shape teardrop inlayed with bone Ivory. The forearm is charcoal gray stained birds eye maple.

Inside the Ebony points both above and below the handle are inlayed with a bone Ivory point. The bone Ivory inlays go into the handle. In addition the bone Ivory inlays have an arrow on each

end facing each other in the handle. Next between the bone Ivory inlays are black diamonds that are framed in bone Ivory. Also the 5 Ebony points above and below the handle have a bone Ivory veneer.

To tie the cue together, I needed a white collar around the joint. Plus I wanted a great hitting cue so I decided on a Radial Pin®. I won my first World Championship with a 3/8 x 10 pin. I love the hit of the big pin when it is fitted into a shaft with no inserts. A wood-to-wood hit is tough to beat. Also, another important part of the cue is the tip and ferrule. The ferrule is a sturdy material with a solid hit. It is built the old fashioned way, threaded 1" ferrule with a ¼" cap on the top with a glue relief hole on top. I think the tip delivers the best hit when it is glued only to the ferrule material. Next we found some hard rock maple shafts that are almost as old as Falcon cues. They are kiln dried and have been curing for over 10 years. They are rock solid shafts with a long professional taper.

When I first started to develop the design, I needed to find a great cue maker to make the cue and help fine tune the design. When Peter and Ernie at Falcon cues agreed to help me with my first Limited Edition Collectible cue I knew my product quality would be excellent and it put my mind at ease. Having played with a Falcon Cue for almost 10 years on the Pro Tour I knew Falcon cues were outstanding products. I don’t know how you can beat their quality. Plus, they were willing to give me a 100% Lifetime Guarantee against any Manufacturing defects. Years ago they came up with a finishing system for their cues, which became a new standard for the industry. They made a huge investment in high technology equipment to make this finish possible. Most of my Falcon cues look brand new and some are over 10 years old and have never been refinished.

After reading the Bio of the attention to small details when it came to developing my First Limited Edition Collectible Cue, you can be rest assured that the hit and performance will be outstanding. The elegant design and excellent quality result in a beautiful peace of art. I have named this cue "White Lighting" because the bone Ivory and Moose Horn is overpowering against the dark background of the butt and it reminds me of lighting on a stormy day. For the players who end up competing against "White Lighting"

You are warned………..

A Storm is Coming Your Way