The Advanced Pro Book DVD Series, 4 DVD Set

The Advanced Pro Book DVD Series, 4 DVD Set

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Bob Henning is at it again! Now, by popular demand, the reference training shots and proven theories contained in The Advanced Pro Book are captured on this 4-disc DVD set. If you are an advanced pool player who is yearning to propel your game beyond its current limits, then THE ADVANCED PRO BOOK DVD SERIES is exactly what you need!

There are four areas of execution that must be mastered in order to play great pool. This instructional series will help you develop your skills in each one. The first DVD, Volume 1, Pro Shots, takes an aggressive approach to winning. It contains offensive, confidence-building position shots and vital recovery tools. Once you've learned these, it will be easy to keep the pressure where it belongs . . . on your opponent!

Volume 2, Pro Safeties, will teach you devastating safeties! Use them in front game strategies to take (and keep) control of the table. Learn the critical thought processes that will help you make good decisions when the pressure's on.

Volume 3, Advanced Kicking, is mandatory training for competitive players! In an even match, the better kicker is favored to win. If you want to stay in the game, it is imperative that your kicking skills are highly developed.

Volume 4, Advanced Banking, exposes you to a whole new realm of the game. See more opportunities to pocket balls. Use banks to play shape or to get safe. These are great tools to have in your box . . . great tools to win!

If you watch THE ADVANCED PRO BOOK DVD SERIES, you ll get a lot. If you study it, you'll get even more. But, if you do the work that is in it, you could become a champion.